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More newbie 90Q questions

Dear Listers;

Thanks for everyones responses to my previous post about my ABS and Diff

I have two other minor problems.

#1- The sunroof is not operating properly. When I close it, it continues
past its closed position and goes into tilt mode. Other tilt/slide
sunroof cars I've had need two seperate depressions of the sunroof
switch-one to make it close and a second one to make it tilt.

#2-The coolant temp gauge occasionally will not come off its left side
stop even after driving for 10-15 minutes and then it will slowly start
to register a temp. Is this indicative of a problem with the cooling
system or just a finicky sensor?

Reading this list has made me very paranoid about the reliability of my
1991 90Q. What is the general consensus regarding reliability of this
particular Audi? I love the car and I think it was a bargain for $7000,
with only 64K, fully loaded black/tan leather.


Andy Newman