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RE: Odd noise help

Thanks Nate,

I could really use it to be a cheap fix, our second child is due next week. I am going to have a look tonight.



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From:	Nate Stuart [mailto:nathan.stuart@maine.edu]
Sent:	03 November 1999 15:55
To:	Iain Atkinson (ETL)
Subject:	Re: Odd noise help

> Hi All
> Yesterday I took my car to a tyre place in town to get an air leak round the front rims sorted out, they had to take the tyres off the rims and re seal it. So today I am driving around along doing 80 mph and I hear this noise, like a bad wheel bearing when I turn the steering wheel  to the left 
or right (it is worse when I turn it to the left),  it's a kind of wop wop sound. I get a small amount of vibration through the wheel at the same time. At lower speeds I don't hear or  feel nothing at all, I got the wheels re balanced at the same time. Any ideas???? Seems like I swap one problem 
for another at the moment, ISV last week this week a mystery noise, I wonder what next week will bring????
Pobably a lighter wallet, your problem sounds like it could be a CV 
joint gone south. I have had the same experiances your are 
describing in other cars of mine, drive straight=no nooise, turna  
little get some thumping and the faster the harder, etc..

Good luck, hope its something simpler/cheaper (ie. loose lugs..)


'87 5kcstq