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Re: Dyno Testing Problem

    Well the car seemed to wander a large amount.  Enough that the mechanic
inside the car was getting worried about it hitting the side of the garage.
Then again these are regular Shell station guys, by no means dyno experts.
Although I watched the mech hitch up a Saab 900 and drive it to 60mph and
all was fine.  That car didn't wander at all when he first got it on.
    The procedure they did was: drive car on the dyno, punch in the computer
info, drop the center plate in the dyno, using 2 straps they loosely hookup
the front end, place to large triangle blocks in front of and behind the RR
wheel, get the wheels moving slowly, line up the car so it doesn't wander,
hitch it up tightly, then they do the 20mph test, then the 65mph test, then
the computer decides if it passes or not and prints out the docs.
    My 80 got on the dyno, they dropped the center plate, didn't hitch it up
because of the undercover, placed 2 blocks with the RR wheel, tried to line
it up, car went back and forth.  They decided to push the car out of the
dyno, that was funny since they can't get the center plate up on the dyno
during the test.  The rocked it out of the dyno and recentered the car.
Again the car wandered around and the mechanic was worried enough to cancel
the test and submit that my 80 was a quat.  I was given the idle test under
the assumption my car was a quat, if NYS finds out he will have some
explaining to do.
    I think all is well, I hope!


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