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Re: Looking for early 100 avdice

Rich, Jack writes:
> My first car was a '71 100LS.  I'd recommend avoiding any from the late 60's
> (or whenever they first came out) through the '77 model year.  In the USA
> market, Audi rebadged the 100 the 5000 in 1978, presumably to rid the new
> model of the poor reliability reputation of the earlier model.

TO clarify, the 1978 5000 was not just a "rebadge", but it was a whole
new car.  The 78 5000 was the then-new type 43 body and the first
application of the I5 engine.  The start of a great legacy.

> But seriously, it was actually a really great car.  (When it ran.)

It's also beautifully styled, to my eyes.  One of the most graceful
shapes of its time.  But then, that description pretty much applies
to any Audi model.

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