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Re: 5k Window Terror, Help me please

I have experienced window switch failures frequently on my '865KTQ.
Frequently because I've installed used Shokan parts.  I am surprised that
you are experiencing epidemic motor failures.  Are you sure?

'86 5KTQ, '91 200 20V, 95.5 S6

Date: Tue, 2 Nov 1999 21:40:59 -0500
From: "Alexander van Gerbig" <Audi_80@email.msn.com>
Subject: Re: 5k Window Terror, Help me please

    I got the motor used for $20, plus the one she already has works, so
extra motor is always good for $20.  Plus my mother drives a 200q20v and I
believe her RR window motor is toast, but could be the LR, can't remember
which side.  So if it is RR I fix her windows Thursday.  I really don't like
the type 44 door panels at all.  I much prefer the 80/90 series, easier to
deal with.  Also I had to replace the motor in my 80 LR few months ago,
switch was fine.


Alexander van Gerbig
'88 Audi 80 -- Koni Yellows, G&M Springs
HVR Technologies Sport Hydro Cam, K&N Filter
Borbet Type T, Dunlop SP9000 Sport

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