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let's make a deal-'88 5kt

No, I'm not selling the car-I'm thinking of buying it.		

It has been sitting in front of a tranny shop for about a month, with
out-of-state plates.

177k on the clock, average condx. that I can determine thus far.

Shop says it needs a rebuild, pinion reamed, inside cooked etc.  Also needs
both front drive shafts, so he says.  All this stuff is out of the car.

With storage charges ($25/day) , he says that it would take $1900 to bring
it out of hock.  And I think that he is tired of looking at it.

I told him the driveshafts can be had for $100 each at Autozone (w/lifetime

He does not have the title yet, but I suspect the owner will be
"abandoning" the car due to the time lapse.  I'm told I'm the first person
to ask about the car.

Any ideas gents...I'm thinking that I should be able to get him down quite
a bit on the price if I supply the driveshafts, or if we just let time take
its course.

Bill Magliocco
'86 5kt