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Loose Steering Rack?

    Was out checking the voltage regulator on the alternator today and
decided to start checking things that were bugging me.  I was thinking about
the dyno test problem so I decided to check the rack to see if it was loose
at all.  The rack itself is steady as a rock, but I noticed that when I
grabbed the driver's tie rod I could wiggle it up and down.  I poked my
light at the end of the rack and noticed that the portion after the rubber
boot that the tie rods are connected to was moving up and down.  I was able
to pull up and watch the bracket twist upwards slightly, then I pushed down
and it would go back and make a slight clunk.  Not much movement but surely
noticable to the eye and hand.  The bolts involved with everything at the
bracket are tight.  Is this normal for there to be play like this?

My rack is not like the 5k which stretches the full width of the car, mine
just goes from the driver's to center of the engine bay then stops.


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