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Details, details...

Not trying to tempt the god of the silver 4 ring grill emblem, but I am
feeling pretty good about all 3 q's.  Replacing knock sensor on the 5kq
seems to have healed that one (thanks to listers for all their suggestions
on this one).  Soldered both the wot switch and intake temp sensor on the
200q, found a vacuum leak, and now the car feels even better than when I
bought it 60k mi ago.  The 4kq just keeps cranking out the miles, 50k mi
this past year.  

Now on to the nit picky stuff... The diff indicator lights on my 88 5ksq do
not come on at all.  I dug into the display panel, and found lots of
tape/cut wires/splices/mess.  Not a real good sight.  The wires going to the
indicator lights were cut.  Ureaka, I've found the problem!!  All I need to
do if find the matching wires somewhere behind the console and hook them
back up.  No such luck,  I can't find matching wires anywhere.  So, how do
these little buggers get 'triggered'?  How/where/what should they be hooked
up to?  

Any help is greatly appreciated.