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Re: Torsen tech

> In message <199911031046.CAA20137@gonzo.wolfenet.com> Orin Eman writes:
> >
> > Actually, I thought it was the "...small cornering radii and at low
> > speeds the extent of torque redistribution can increase to the
> > torque split limit of 25/75%" case that he was considering.

> Whaert?  Who's interested in effects that happen at 28mph?

The 28 mph, 130 ft radius case is the case in the paper
that gives a 38/62% torque split.  Given the low speed and
large radius, it isn't particularly interesting.

It's the admission that a smaller radius can force max
torque split that was interesting.  Unfortunately, the paper is
somewhat lacking in numbers as to how the speed/radius variables
affect this - it just says max torque split is reached at 15m radius.