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Re: 944 engine into quattro? (4k,5k)

In a message dated 99-11-02 23:50:19 EST, you write:

<< Carter, WTH cost $8k on a 924S? That's just a 924 with a 944 engine in
 it, right? Or are you talking about the early '80s full-on SCCA racecar,
 tube-frame and all? I know those things put out way more than 175bhp.

Nope, they don't.  And the engine costs are real, once you add up everything. 
 Also, I think the turbo placement in the 4K would be next to impossible.  If 
you don't believe me, check out underneath a 944 turbo.  Or under the hood.  
Ouch.  Yes, with a chip they can top 300 easily, and can actually run closer 
to 440 hp without much of a problem, but the cost of such an adventure would 
be WELL more then anyone on this list would ever be willing to undertake.  
SCCA spec cars only turn about 170 hp.  No shit.  Some of the later, factory 
efforts had more hp, but not that much more.

Carter J