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RE: Dyno Testing Problem (coriolis effect?)

I don't know about the coriolis effect.... it may cause the car to go in
one direction (depending on your hemisphere) but not back and forth,
would it?

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>>     I went to the garage prepared to do the new dyno emissions test.
>> Everything was fine, the mechanic got the car on the dyno, did all the
>> computer work, then they needed to center the front end on the dyno.  They
>> put the car in Drive and let the wheels spin under their own power.  The
>> slowly started to slide to the left so the mechanic applied the brakes.  He
>> let up on the brakes and the car wnadered back to the right side of the
>> dyno.  The car wandered from side to side twice.  What is the cause of
>The Coriolis effect.
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