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Unintended Acceleration...again!

This time it was not Audi to blame, but droF! I was browsing through the
Wall Street Journal and on the front cover There was a caption like "Sudden
Acceleration at mall involving police cruiser" or something like that. But
anyway, the article described how very close to all of the unintended
acceleration claims have been user caused (foot hit both brake&throttle...)
and Audi was mentioned as the first to utilize the shift lockout from park
to prevent a tire smoldering exit from the garage into god knows what
because your feet apparently cant tell the difference btw the brake or
Back to the article, it found that the droF police vehicles that were
equipped with a brake light flashing assembly were disengaging the lock out
feature when the aux. lights were on and that is what caused the accident in
the main article.

Anyway, sorry for the WOB, just thought it would be nice to share that Audi,
instead of being looked down upon for this reputation, was in fact shown not
responsible(again), and in stead helpful to us clumbsy, fat footed amuricans
by installing yet another safety feature in today's vehicles.