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Re: 944 engine into quattro? (4k,5k)

<< The PC Handyman writes:
 > Assuming that the 944 engine will bolt up to the 016 (quattro) tranny, is
 > this a viable engine swap? If so, which motor would you choose for cost and
 > hp efficiency?  
    If you were to insist on the  above here it goes
Cost efficiency        = '86-'88  944 turbo
HP eficiency           = '88-'89  944 turbo S
Realistic efficiency  =  Audi 10V turbo 
 The 944's transmission is between the rear wheels, connected to the
 front engine through a long torque tube.  For the amount of money
 and work that is needed to make this work you can get your I5 turbo engine
 to make well over the 225hp target. >>

If the money is flowing freely once again you can make anything work.

As the owner of a UrQ and a 944T, I can surely tell you that a stock 217 
horse 944t will beat a 225+ horse audi like a rented mule.  Now put a 
thousand dollars into the 944T and surpass 300hp and the 944T is truly a 
force to be beckoned with.

One thing that puzzles me is how we (I was guilty too)  always try to make 
these big porky audi's into something they are not.  After working on my UrQ 
over the course of the last 4-5 years, I have come to the realization that 
anything that Audi got right on that car was surely by accident.

<holding my fire extinguisher>