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RE: cylinder head gasket change on 2.2E ??

Hi Augustin,

Sorry to hear you got this problem, I had a similar problem with my first Audi 90 Quattro (same engine), I ended up changing the anti freeze as my coolant reservoir was exactly as you describe. I cleaned the reservoir out very thoroughly till it looked like new, refilled with good quality anti freeze and problem solved. Does the car run very hot? And does it run on the radiator fan a lot? I think you would lose a lot of coolant if the headgasket is gone. Mind you all this doesn't mean that the head gasket is not weeping, is there any coolant in the oil?? Is there any light brown sludge on the oil filler cap or dipstick, either could mean it is the headgasket.

Hope this helps, let me know if I can help further, hows the suspension by the way?


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Subject:	cylinder head gasket  change on 2.2E ??

Hello everybody !

Since i got my Audi, i am a bit anxious with one main point:
my engine is the 2.2E 136 hp with 125M KM on it
The water reservoir of the cooling system is quite brown (beuuuh!) due to sediments, the water smells oil or what... I don't like this color because my old Peugeot had the cylinder head gasket changed for that and my previous small honda civic had still quite perfect blue/green water.... 
Engine still works fine, cooling system does also but....
- is it normal to have such 'non-clear' water at such a quite low mileage ? what about your color !!
- does your cooling system 'drink' water (mine does)
- does it means i will soon have to change the cylinder head gasket ? is it expensive ? (means easy..)

anyway i plan to wash the reservoir but it won't solve the problem...

Thanks for your response
Augustin (digest reader: please post to augustin.barennes@wavecom.fr)
'89 90