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RE: cylinder head gasket change on 2.2E ??

Yeah that stuff is s....t, same colour as well.

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iain.atkinson@etl.ericsson.se writes:

> Hi Augustin,
>  Sorry to hear you got this problem, I had a similar problem with my first 
> Audi 90 Quattro (same engine), I ended up changing the anti freeze as my 
> coolant reservoir was exactly as you describe. I cleaned the reservoir out 
> very thoroughly till it looked like new, refilled with good quality anti 
> freeze and problem solved. Does the car run very hot? And does it run on 
> radiator fan a lot? I think you would lose a lot of coolant if the 
> is gone. Mind you all this doesn't mean that the head gasket is not 
> is there any coolant in the oil?? Is there any light brown sludge on the 
> filler cap or dipstick, either could mean it is the headgasket.
>  Hope this helps, let me know if I can help further, hows the suspension by 
> the way?
>  Iain
Previous owner could have possibly put that Stop-Leak garbage in there....  
You should probably preform the radiator flush...