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Re: Wheel bearings quality issue

No, its good cause for concern. A bearing job is a pain in the ass so you
should get the best. I personally never heard of SNR so if it were me, Id be a
little annoyed.  If you have time Id send them back and get a good name.  Do
they at least have metal grease seals? A lot of them are plastic or rubber and
will not last as long.  Id give him a piece of your mind.


Mike Posner wrote:

> In a recent order from my local parts  supplier , I ordered some new wheel
> bearings for my 200.  I asked what brand  he  carried, and he said SKF or
> FAG.  The bearings I received were  neither of these.
> It's an SNR , A bearing which Im not familiar with. I go by appearance
> on  bearings and these look dull with fine  grinding marks on the sides of
> the casing,.   made in France. and the company shows on an internet search
> as a subsidiary of Renault. Should I be concerned? IM getting  upset with
> the delivered goods not being  the stated brand.  I recall the
> Top line bearings like SKS and Fag having a highly polished stainless
> sheen,  these  are dull matt finish, looks like base metal on a cheap
> watch.   Please let me know if   Im  overly
> vigilant  re  appearances.
> .
> Thanks, Mike.