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RE: Wheel bearings quality issue

I'd return 'em.  If they didn't have the care to finish the cases correctly,
they probably didn't take the time to harden the races correctly or
something else.  Not to mention that 'subsidiary of Renault' would send up
warning flags in my head.

Paul Wilson

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> Subject: Wheel bearings quality issue
> In a recent order from my local parts  supplier , I ordered some new wheel
> bearings for my 200.  I asked what brand  he  carried, and he said SKF or
> FAG.  The bearings I received were  neither of these.
> It's an SNR , A bearing which Im not familiar with. I go by appearance
> on  bearings and these look dull with fine  grinding marks on the sides of
> the casing,.   made in France. and the company shows on an internet search
> as a subsidiary of Renault. Should I be concerned? IM getting  upset with
> the delivered goods not being  the stated brand.  I recall the
> Top line bearings like SKS and Fag having a highly polished stainless
> sheen,  these  are dull matt finish, looks like base metal on a cheap
> watch.   Please let me know if   Im  overly
> vigilant  re  appearances.
> .
> Thanks, Mike.