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New A4

Hi all,

German AutoBild has a feature on the upcoming A4, featuring a couple of
pics. I'm not sure if they're clever Photoshop fakes or actual photographs,
but the car looks like a miniature A6. The gorgeous arc that forms the roof
of the A6 (its best design feature IMO) is less great on the shorter A4,
looks like they went for more head room in the back. There's also a pic of
a two-door coupe (looks pretty aggressive to me), an Avant (scaled-down A6
Avant) and a drawing of a cabriolet (with more than a hint of TT
bulbousness). I wouldn't say it's an ugly car, but opinions might differ on

Also- I discovered that a newsagent's here carries Audi Driver. Great!


Tom Nas
Zeist, The Netherlands
1987 Audi 90q (NG engine)