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FW: (diff lock lights on 5k) was RE: details, details

Thanks for the info Stephane.  It makes plenty of sense.  
Let me give you a little more background(Yes, I did do a little more than
just try to match colored wires under the dash :o)). With my wife in the car
turning the dial from lock to unlock, I can watch the diff actuator go in
and out.  On gravel, With diff locked, I can drive slowly in a circle and
the front tires are spitting gravel and not turning smoothly, so I know the
diff is locking.  
In regards to the front diff, The only wiring that I see near the actuator,
is a 2 wire plug a couple of inches away, mounted on the trans housing.
This is the plug/switch/sensor in question.  I don't know for sure if this
is even the switch that actuates the light, so I have been a little hesitant
to tear it apart as it is in a pretty tight spot.  With the key on, there is
+12V on one wire and ground on the other.  If this is a switch to show that
the diff is locked, then when the diff is locked, I would expect the circuit
of the switch to be open and have +12V on both wires.  This is not the case
and thus, the cause of my confusion.
Does anyone know if this is the switch/sensor for the lights?

TIA for the help.

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> Paul ,regarding the diff lights I would assume that they are triggered
> by the actual locking of the dif because on my 86 5ktq there 
> is a delay
> before the light comes on.  I assume that this delay is because the
> gears are not suitably aligned to lock all the time and they have to
> turn a bit before they can lock.  Logic would therefore dictate that
> there must be some electrical wires going from the diff to the light.
> You might want to start there and see if you can follow them into the
> car.  I would check myself but we have a bit of very wet snow on the
> ground today.  Essentially, I think the light doesn't come on because
> you turn the switch on, it lights up to confirm the dif is locked.
> make sense?
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