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Re: worldwide search...

I drove my, new to me then, urq #D0568 from Boulder, CO to Lake Tahoe,
CA non stop in 19h 40m. This was in a car I had never seen, owned or
even driven before. Not one problem the whole way, and through the dark
evening on hwy 80 in barren NV it wanted to keep going faster. Who ever
said they have urq problems anyway? Dave, I know you did a similar trip
in your silver urq from Idaho to VT?

My hands down fastest trip was when my little sister was involved in a
serious car accident in lower Mexico. I lived in Saratoga, CA at the
time, and we got the call from a San Diego hospital one late evening at
about 10pm. My Dad, brother and I decided that it would be faster to
just hop in his european '76 Carrera 3.0 and fly down hwy 5. Forget the
airport and renting a car etc., too much hassle and time. All agreed
that I should drive. After a palm sweating 5h 10m the three of us
arrived at the San Deigo hospital. This drive was fun, eventhough we had
to wait and wait for her to be released from ICU - four days later... I
think the best part was when I had the Carrera almost redlined for an
hour straight. Boy that Porsche really gets to your soul.

>DFAUTOHAUS@aol.com wrote:
>> << 962 miles in 10hrs 15mins in an
>>  Alfa GTA. >>
>> doncha wonder where that car is now?

>We did 1120 miles in 10h51m. in a countach. It didnt seem like it was
>pushing much. While we frequently took stretches well into the 130's for
>extended periods of time, we took our time for gas and porcelin stops.
>We still averaged 102 I think it was.
>It was neat having a caravan of them go..there were 4 of them, 8
>people.. playing the entire time :)


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