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Cell phone for Audi's

Regarding the cellphone inquiry for a '94 100.....  

The old analog 3W phones still work great and are best for rural use.  They
are still available new for a few hundred bucks.  Unfortunately, they are
NOT SUBSIDISED by your local carrier like newer phones.  Analog also lacks
the latest PCS type features.  Your car has a cable harness that goes from
below the arm rest to the trunk to accommodate one particular brand of
phone.  But if your car is like mine, you would have to buy the cell phone
accommodating arm rest too for the handset.  

Get the latest technology phone for your car.  They are subsidized by the
carrier and cheaper for you to purchase.  I recommend that you buy the
in-car kit for the phone of your choice.  When choosing a phone, compare the
size and fit of the in-car kit as well.    You will also need a dual band
glass mount antenna.    

Now, for mounting the in-car kit, buy the PRO-FIT bracket.  These are custom
made for YOUR model car.  They use existing mounting screws in your dash to
attach the custom bracket.  In your car this would be the two screws to the
right of your passenger seat heater control.  Move the Seat Heater LEFT two
positions, and move the switch blanks in it's place.  Two small holes are
FILED into the RIGHT SIDE of one blank to accommodate the control and
antenna wire from the phone holster.  Your fone will be perfectly positioned
for use, facing the driver dead on.  Looks great too.  The mic can be
threaded up to the cockpit light area.   

Everyone should keep in mind that there may be a risk that passenger side
air-bag deployment may break off and eject the phone holster towards the
driver due to it's proximity to the inflating air bag. Consider this last
risk as a penance for crashing the car ;-(  

Tony K
'93 100 CSQ