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RE: (diff lock lights on 5k) was RE: details, details

> Earlier, Livolsi, Stephane wrote:
> > 
> > Paul ,regarding the diff lights I would assume that they 
> are triggered
> > by the actual locking of the dif because on my 86 5ktq 
> there is a delay
> > before the light comes on.
>    <...>
> >                Essentially, I think the light doesn't come 
> on because
> > you turn the switch on, it lights up to confirm the dif is locked.
>     I think you are right.

Yes, this part I knew... It appears to work like this on my 4kq.

>     Plus - the electrical switch is external to the differentials,
>     if things are not adjusted right, you CAN have the differential
>     locked and NOT turn on the light.  BTDT.
Where is the switch?  Is it the one that if looking at the front diff from
the top(looking behind/below the rack), is towards the middle of the car
about 2 inches from locking actuator?