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Re: Audi heal thyself(?)

shaun d mullen writes:
> I have put nearly 70,000 original-owner miles on my 99.5 A4QM Avant (30vV6) 
> with no problems whatsoever other than having to replace each of the 
> low-beam headlamp bulbs.

Wow you do a LOT of driving.

> when I would back off the gas a bit.  I ran perhaps three full tanks of gas 
> through the car (yes, I drive a lot) and then yesterday afternoon when I 
> started the car and pulled away, the juddering had completely disappeared 
> and the car seemed to be running absolutely normally.  I've driven another 
> 100 miles or so since then with no problem.  The Check Engine light remains 
> on.

The check engine light means that there is a fault recorded in your
car's computer.  You should take it to your dealer and them do a
dump using their VAG 1551/1552 scan tool.  That will determine the
nature of the fault.  If it's just gas quality problem or something
and it has since gone away, then the dealer can just reset the computer
and make the check engine light go off.

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