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I NEED A DEAD CAT! (4KQ senior project)

Hi All,
I making some mods to my car before I get into the real project. One of the tings I am doing is modifying my exhaust line which is completely stock at the moment. My plans are 1. remove catalytic converter, 2.remove middle muffler 3. possibly change exhaust manifold.

which brings me to the DEAD CAT! I am looking for a bad catalytic converter to remove the guts from and install. That way when it comes smog time again I can swap in the old cat and pass with flying colors (or maybe just scrape by!) I would be interested in knowing how other listers have done this. I am guessing that I am not the first... If someone out there has one they would be willing to part with.
Also is there a exhaust manifold possibly off a turbo that flows better and can be made to fit?
Paul Adam Robertson