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Re: road trip stories (was worldwide search...)

Had to make a fast run to L.A., actually North Hollywood, from the Stanford
campus when I was a junior.  Stopping only for gas and a sandwich  on the
fairly new I5 SuperSlab, we averaged just under 105 mph over the 400 odd
miles in a '69 Triumph GT6+.  There was a low moan from the third member the
whole way, but it never changed.  My roommates' first words to my mother
were, "Nice to meet you Mrs. Marinello...Can I PLEASE have three aspirin".

What stupid things we do when we're young and invincible...  That's the same
car that suddenly lost its' lights at 10 p.m. at the top of the Grapevine on
another trip home.  Love those Lucas electricals...

Now, it would have been very NOT stupid in my ur-q,but they weren't around
yet.  I averaged less, but ran about the same over some sections, on a run
from Tuscaloosa, AL to Knoxville for a Bama/Tennessee game.  First road trip
I took with the lady that is still my wife.  She was doing needlepoint as I
drove and at one point told me she thought I was going a little too fast.
Not that it was uncomfortable or unstable feeling, but it just seemed to be
too fast looking at the blurred trees go by.  I asked her how fast she
thought I was going and she guesstimated 85 or so.  I was doing more like
110 mph registered.  She couldn't believe it.

This is the same lady who will "borrow" the ur-q when her van is down and
blow off unsuspecting Camaros, Mercedes and Lexi at a particular
stoplight...with my now 4 year old daughter in the back in a booster seat
laughing and screaming "GO, Mommy, GO!.  All with groceries in the trunk.

But I never could get her interested in a Q-Club event when we lived near