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Finished 44 Shocks....

Well, I finally finished the shocks on my 89 100.  It ended up taking me
about 2 hours.  The PO had replaced only the fron driver shock and then
smear locktight all over it.  Long/Short of it was that I had to take a
chisel to the nut on the top of the shock.  Finally got it off and the car
rides much better.  

I had never driven a 100 before this one, and while I was shopping I also
looked at a '92 100 and love the way it rode, really firm and all, but
absolutely HATED the 4spd auto.  Ayway, my 89 now feels a lot like that
'92.  I'm very happy with it.  Thanks everyone for the advice.  

This weekend I'm gonna be flushing the hydraulic system, changing the
diffrential oil, and maybe if I get around to it replace the A/C condensor
and compressor.  Anyone BTDT?  I'd really appreciate any advice...

Thanks bunches, and I'll keep you posted...


1989 100 (New Shocks, Yippee!!!)
1988 80 
1986 4000 (Parting Out)