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Re: New A4

Brett Dikeman <brett@pdikeman.ne.mediaone.net> wrote:

>Yuck.  Didn't Audi learn a lesson with the Cabriolet, aka, the Worst
>Selling Audi In History?(which was too bad, since it actually looked
>pretty nice, with the larger amounts of chrome around the windshield
>and such.)

You're obviously not of the school who likes the new A6. I think this looks
decent, though it lacks some of the chic of the older A4.
WRT the Cabriolet- that sold pretty well here in Europe- must have
something to do with the fact that you can get lots of engines (including
the TDI) and manual transmission here. Decent resale value, too.
Must be an AoA goof, importing only the 2.8 auto version...
>The one of the wagon certainly looks like a photoshop job in some
>areas.  Notice the rather substantial difference in color of the body
>panel with the taillight in it.  Panels to either side are a very
>different color.  Rear lid's licence plate area looks suspicious(not
>US-plate compatible, unless they're going to make 2 different lids.)
>type44 cars simply accomodate different plates by having different
>back lens assemblies.

I assume they'll do it like the current A6 for the final version- a plastic
panel that contains the fog light and reversing lights which can be swapped
out for an item with a different licence plate cutout.
I think it's a top-quality Photoshop job- most of the pics look pretty
realistic. Not much different from previous renderings, though- I guess
Audi's guarding the prototypes closely.