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Re: Home Depot monkey lad..

<<what's your point.....you find joy in labeling someone less-knowing
'monkey lad'????
the guy probably went home and told his wife 'some dork showed up
looking for
metric bolts, so I played stupid just to get rid of him.........'>>

Wow buddy, your comin on a little strong there!  I think the point of the term "Monkey Lad" is reserved for those who do not know something they should..ie less knowing, yes.  Do I take joy in labeling others that...YES!  Its what I look forward to everyday I wake up....  BTW, thanks for informing me that those who need "metric" hardware are "dorks", I will have to think of a different approach for proper service next time.  Tell ya what, there are other greater atrocities in this world to get worked up about...save your energy for those...sheessh!
Javad (still, to my avail, needing metric bolts...)