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Re: Anyone made a 1 Arm Wiper for 80/90?

You could get yourself one of those huge straight 20-22" wipers.  Mount it
on the passenger side, remove the driver's side wiper.  Cock it at an
angle up so it rests on the passenger's half of the windshield.  Very
rice-boy looking, but that's ow they look, I'd think.

If you figure out how to increase the motor travel, tell us.

On Thu, 4 Nov 1999, Alexander van Gerbig wrote:

>     I really dislike the wipers on my 80.  I have good blades, Bosch
> MicroEdge, and there is something about the whole setup that bugs me when it
> rains.  They doesn't cover much area, they just don't do it.  I have been
> look at pics of a 80 from Europe that has a custom 1 arm wiper.  The 1 wiper
> arm is connected in the stock location of the passenger's wiper.  Instead of
> the bent arm of the stock wiper it has a completely straight arm.  I
> happened by a picture of the car with a dirty winshield so I could see area
> that the wiper is able to clear, much better than stock.
>     Now has anyone done this with an 80/90 on the list?  I will also contact
> the owner of the car and see what is involved.  I am looking at the Bentley
> and the only thing that I can't figure out is how would the motor allow the
> wiper to move into the driver's side of the windshield.  I assume that the
> motor has a preset stopping point then goes back.  Haven't gotten the motor
> out yet to take a look, but is there a way to adjust the stop and go back
> point?  Although with a straight arm the wiper would already move further
> over into the driver's windshield area because of the "off" position
> difference.  That wouldn't be enough to get the wiper all the way across the
> driver's side though.  Anyone?
> Thanks!
> Alexander van Gerbig
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