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Re: Worldwide search for carjacked A4

I could not maintain anything like the speeds of a Lambo. But with 
very rapid stops for fuel and all food being carried on board, I 
was able to maintain the effective top speed of the car by timing 
my traffic encounters very carefully on mostly deserted 2 lane 
black tops. I neither encountered nor expected speed traps.

Hard to do that today ... anywhere.

>  > > DFAUTOHAUS@aol.com wrote:
> >
> > << 962 miles in 10hrs 15mins in an
> >  Alfa GTA. >>
> > doncha wonder where that car is now?
> We did 1120 miles in 10h51m. in a countach. It didnt seem like it was
> pushing much. While we frequently took stretches well into the 130's for
> extended periods of time, we took our time for gas and porcelin stops.
> We still averaged 102 I think it was.
> It was neat having a caravan of them go..there were 4 of them, 8
> people.. playing the entire time :)
> BOb