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Re: Anyone made a 1 Arm Wiper for 80/90?

    I know about Merc 300 series cars having a 1 armed wiper.  It had this
special motor that would extend it outwards on the corners.  Funky to watch,
but it cleared the entire windshield.  That would really slick to have on my
80 for sure, but not sure how it works exactly or mounts for that reason.  I
bet the motor is made by Bosch, and everything in the 80/90 setup is Bosch,
maybe some co-mingling of Merc and Audi is in order!
    Oh wait that already happened on my car, mechanics at Merc, Porsche,
Rover shop used a Merc "L bend" hose on my ISV line that didn't fit very


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