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RE: What does 4E mean on a 4k?

Sorry, Cobram, but the first explanation was correct.
The "SEL" in the Mercedes-Benz S-class sedans refers to
"Super," or "S-class" (current terminology), "fuel-injected,"
and "long wheelbase."

The "SL" stands for "sport leight," as in lightweight sporty
car, although that has been rather an oxymoron after the 2nd
gen. "Pagoda" roofed cars. The "super light" that you're thinking
of is the 300SLR, in which the "R" stands for "Renn," racing.

Taka Mizutani

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>He told me the SEL was, "Super Einspritz Lang"  Super 
>Fuel Injection Long is the direct translation meaning the car was super,

>fuel injected, and longer than the other Benz sedans.  Something like 

Kind of, not bad based on childhood memory.  Actually, the nomenclature
is different depending on the chassis.  The "S" only stands for super
when used on the SL sports cars,  "Super Leicht" translates to Super
Light in english.  On the SEL's, the "S" stands for Sport, SEL=Sports
Einspritz Long as in the 126 body style.



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