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Re: re Re: Anyone made a 1 Arm Wiper for 80/90?

What the point he's making is - it would do no good to put a single
wiper arm on the right post and then try to make the motor go further
each way - the motor already runs 360 degrees in one direction and Rube
Goldberg then takes over, converting the circular motion to the back and
forth on the windsheild.


BrutKobain@aol.com wrote:
> um....i feel strangely dumb here....can anyone help me translate into
> english?
> =^)
> ISGall
> kirby.a.smith@lmco.com writes:
> << I haven't looked carefully at the 90q arrangement, but I vaguely remember
>  that the motors do not reverse, but run continuously in one direction.  The
>  wiper blade motion is determined by a pantograph setup or its ilk that
>  translates the motor arm circular motion to a quasi-linear one, that in turn
>  connects to the wiper arm shaft's own arm extension.
>  Kirby A. Smith   New Hampshire USA >>

Huw Powell


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