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Re: Anyone made a 1 Arm Wiper for 80/90?

VW used a true one arm wiper on pre '84 Sciroccos. They went to a two wiper
setup in '84 for a good reason. Two works better than one, at least for
conventional wiper mechanisms. On the Scirocco, the two wipers provides
better coverage, and also the wiper blades don't have to rotate as fast for
a complete wipe of the windshield for a given amount of time. I would guess
the blades on the one arm systems such as MB may not last as long because
of the extra travel, so the cost of blades in the long run for two versus
one arm system maybe about the same.

Of course, I have seen the teeny boppers convert their Sciroccos from the
two arm system to the pseudo, wounded one arm system. Sort of like having a
rotator cuff injury on your car. But hey, they compensate by using bright
flourescent yellow twin blades.

Chauncey Kuo
Kirkland, WA

1984 VW Scirocco
1988 5000 TQW