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Brake Booster Replacement - '86 5KCSQT

I would appreciate any BTDT or procedure on replacing the Brake Booster on
my '86 5KCSQT, especially if there is some trick or annoying surprise that I
may encounter during the replacement.  The Bently manual has no procedure,
diagram of the MC and Booster only.

I have already pumped brakes (45X 'til hard pedal) to release the pressure
in the accumulator aka BOMB.

Is there anything more to this than disconnecting the 2 hydraulic lines and
sensor, remove bolts between MC and Booster, then unbolt Booster from
Firewall.  Disconnect linkage in car.  Remove Booster.  Replace in reverse
sequence using new gasket and o-ring.  Top off reservior wih fresh Pentosin.

Anything I'm missing here?

TIA for your replies with alternate email in copy.

Ben Swann
Tres Quattros