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Re: I got a different "bite"

Andrew Duane USG writes:

 > Was it below 40 degrees outside, which would prevent the A/C
 > compressor from kicking in? If so, this is sometimes just the
 > way it goes, but it could be a sign of the notorious broken
 > fresh/recirc flap. Not too many $$$, but a big PITA to fix.

Just one more point on this. If you are motoring around in the damp
cold stuff at about 41 degrees F, the A/C compressor will be running and 
everything will be fine until the temp drops to less than 40 degrees
F. Then the A/C big brother mode kicks in and turns off the
compressor. You may experience the exact same symptom as Kneale did
with a good recirc flap, BTDT. I would say that the exact conditions
for this to occur are infrequent, but that it really gets your
attention fast.