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Re: I NEED A DEAD CAT! (4KQ senior project)

> >Your sarcasm could use a visit to Mexico City where you'll see the effects
> >of cars without cats.  (I don't suppose you recall what Los Angeles looked
> >like in the 70's?) [etc etc]
> Interesting...especially since with a hollowed cat, my car passed the
> smog test, in CALIFORNIA for god's sake well below the legal limits.
> Isnt it funny?  I think you suffer a flaw in your logic.  I dont think
> that the emmission control systems are 100% responsible for the cleaner
> air. 

well, let's think about this.  Try passing with your OXS unplugged and
your plugs gapped badly.

No?  Having the one item removed, sure you can pass.  With everything
else tuned perfectly.

Which is the whole point of all the emissions foofah.  

> Think about it; 70's technologies vs. 90's tech (heck, even 80's
> tech). [...] I think you need
> to do a bit more research and find out what is really responsible and
> happening there....

Michael, like it or not, the reason for the 80's and 90's technology is
basically government mandated emissions requirements in tandem with
consumer pressure, from time to time, for better fuel economy.

...nomex on, I think...

Huw Powell


82 Audi Coupe - which probably can't pass anything, except maybe its
shadow in the morning...