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RE: URQ motor removal

A CGT is quite different from a quattro.  The shift linkage is quite easy to
remove ... it is only held in place by a single bolt with a 10mm hex head.
You will also need to snap off the ball joint from the locating rod on the
tranny.  With the head off it will probably be pretty easy to push out the
roll pin that is holding the clutch slave cylinder.  You'll also need to
disconnect 3 CV joints.  

I've never pulled the engine myself, but I'd imagine you have 2 choices ...
stick the head back on enough to get something to pull it out from above
(attractive beacuse then you may have to deal with disconnecting the
transaxle completely from the half shafts, hoses and linkage) or you can
drop the subframe.  My concern about option 2 is how high you have to lift
the chassis of the car to clear the engine ...

> -----Original Message-----
> I plan to remove the motor from the URQ this weekend, and 
> wondered if there 
> were any BTDT tips to avoid or make certain of. The head is 
> off so that helps 
> some.
> I haven't investigated fully yet so this question may be 
> premature, but how 
> do you access removing the shift linkage from the tranny? In 
> the CGT i was 
> marginally able to remove the shifter, but could not remove 
> the control rod 
> from the transmission.