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Foul Fuel Pump Noises

    Attempted to drive into NYC today and sat in traffic for hours.  I gave
up and turned around only to be met with more traffic going home, all in all
I was sitting in the car for 2 hours without much movement.  I got back and
headed to the grocery.  I went into the store for 5-10 mintues came back and
started up the 80.  The starting was met with usual hesitation, but this
start was odd as the engine was about to die and then it revved up to life.
Then the noise began.  Like a shorting electrical noise, zzzzztt.  I knew it
was from the pump because it's the only humming equipment near the boot.
Sure enough the fuel pump was making funky zzzt noise every couple secs.  No
pattern at all, but seems the loud the zzzt the idle rumbles a bit.  The
pump is the original.  Dying fuel pump?


Alexander van Gerbig
'88 Audi 80 -- Koni Yellows, G&M Springs
HÖR Technologies Sport Hydro Cam, K&N Filter
Borbet Type T, Dunlop SP9000 Sport

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