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One armed paper hangers... I mean wipers....

Hi All,

Hate remove the possibility of a thread that will compete with Torsen, but I
stumbled onto this description of converting a Jetta to one wiper.


Jim Jordan


For the mono wiper conversion I cut the arm on the wiper motor and made
it like a 1/4" longer, then I took a 1/4" out of the arm on the end on
the wiper arm it self. It's really easy for someone who knows how to
weld. The park position of the wiper is right in the middle of the
windsheild. I'm sure you can get it to park anywhere you'd like. I get
almost a full sweep, more than any other kit you can buy! It took alot
of messing around but it's pretty easy. I also had to cut the small ball
off of the arm on the motor. Something else, the arm that goes between
the motor and the wiper I had to cut in half and use a different end
from the outher wiper arm.  The whole kit cost me about $20 worth of
labour at my local machine shop.  Good luck, let me know how you make
out and if you need anymore info please let me know.

Best regards,

90 Jetta 16V 2.0L 15.60@89.6mph

My homepage address is here