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Re: Newbie question about S6 - you meant Ivor, *NOT* Igor!

Brett Dikeman <brett@pdikeman.ne.mediaone.net> wrote:

> I run a TAP chip in my 200q20v which brings it to 265hp. 
> I'm not generally happy with it however, and many a lister has 
> questioned Igor's(the owner of TAP) business practices, manners, and 
> product quality.  Buyer beware.  I wasn't particularly happy with the 
> way they treated me either(among other things, a TAP representative 
> told me they didn't have any mods for the 200q20v at the Mt. 
> Washington event, which was a flat out lie, 

and so on.

TAP is owned by Ivor Wigham in FL. 
I live in PA, don't own TAP and have no affiliation with it whatsoever
except I that I also have my share of disappointments with the TAP biz
Over the past 5 years I have established a certain reputation on this
List. I also have a very unique name, and according to www.555-12-12.com
I am the only Igor Kessel in the whole of the United States. Therefore I
would advise you to double-, no triple-check the spelling of a person's
name before publicly slapping him.


Igor Kessel
Two turbo quattros.