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auto check useage with euros, use oem wiring and add a relay

With all the talk of auto check function while using euro-lights, I thought
I would tell you all what I did to wire the LOW BEAM part of my euros. This
method has the advantage of requiring no new wiring, still uses a relay, and
keeps the auto check system working:

I can't give all  the details of terminal numbers etc, because I am not at
home wher I have some notes, but next week, I can try to scan an image of
the "new" wiring diagram so I can email it to whomever is interested. In any
case, here is a verbal description of what I did. If you have a bently or
alldata, you can follow along.

The current to the low beams comes out of the steering columns switch, goes
into the fuse box at terminal 56B (current track 165) , and then  is split
into  two lines, each of which is fused. 

These two lines come out of the fuse box (current tracks 166 and 167, which
connect to 144 and 143) and go into the the auto check light control module,
and then on to the head light low beams.

In the fuse box, there are two un-used relay terminals. I disconnected
current track 165 at terminal 56B (ie the switched low beam current) and
connected that (with a jumper) to the terminal that connected to the relay
"activating" socket on the unused realy position (along with a ground at the
corresponding terminal).

I then wired another jumper from the hot buss in the fuse box to the
un-switched "activated" socket, and then ran a fourth jumper from the
switched "activated" socket back to termnal 56B.

This runs the current through the auto check module and out to the low
beams. Note that this ONLY WILL WORK WITH THE LOW BEAMS, because the high
beams require too much current for the oem wires to carry. I use 60 watt low
beams, which is 5 amps. That is no problem for the 1.5 mm dia low beam

The high beams I wired the normal way, with new realys attached to the left
fender and current from the the jump start terminal.

                                      relay coil
 from headlight switch (was 56b)--------((((((-----------gnd

                           HOT------------/ --------to 56b on 
                                                    back of fuse box 

Note that there is NO geometric correlation between terminals on the BACK of
the fuse box and the sockets in the top of the fuse box.  I had to use a
fuse box from a wrecked car and ohm out all the connections. I can tell you
what the connections are if you email me at my home:


I will not be around from saturday to tuesday, so if you have any questions,
If you have to do it tomorrow or wait till tuesday.

Hope that helps

1990 200 qw 157,000
sm chip, spax shocks, euros