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86 5kcst brake shimmy

Hi, I am having trouble diagnosing a shimmy problem in my 5k.  It happens
when I apply the brakes from 30+ mph to zero.  Shimmy is much worse with
more passengers(weight) and heavy brake pedal pressure.  I thought rotors
may be warped, but I can hardly detect it when riding alone and braking

Also, clunking noise when turning corners, clunks when car sways side to

Lower control arms have been replaced along with outer tie rods.  Bearings
feel tight and no play detected in tie rods or ball joints with standard
wheel grab and shake test.

I am thinking subframe bushings or strut bearings may be shot.  Would either
or both of these items cause the brake shimmy?  Is there an easy way to test
these items?

BTW, car is solid at +100mph, just scary slowing it down from these speeds.