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RE: road trip stories (was worldwide search...)

It's kind of interesting but with the performance and handling of the
cars that "we" drive, most of us could probably "elude" those who would
threaten to take away our driving privileges.  I wonder how many
actually do it.  

Is this a dangerous thread or what?

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>From: 	Steve Meyer[SMTP:quattroslm@yahoo.com]
>Sent: 	November 5, 1999 8:19 PM
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>Subject: 	RE: road trip stories (was worldwide search...)
>About a month and a half ago I was making a late night
>trip to see a lucky lady friend. I was doing about 96,
>or at least that's what the radar gun in the cop car
>said. So, no more license for me for a while. Moral of
>the story....don't get caught!!!
>--- shaun d mullen <mullens@phillynews.com> wrote:
>> Portland, Oregon to Newark, Delaware, in 47 hours in
>> 1973 in a 1972 VW 
>> Kombi, 55mph average, stopping only for gas/bathroom
>> breaks and to buy 
>> several cases of Coors in Idaho (a big deal for
>> Coors-less East Coasters 
>> back then).  Friend and his dog and I split the
>> driving.  Dog drove last 
>> 200 miles.
>> Shaun Mullen
>> Wilmington, DE
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