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RE: Climate Control Head

There are four bulbs along the base of the unit on the back, remove the CC 
unit and replace all at the same time. Otherwise it will appear brighter on 
one side than the other.  Part # is 4A0-919-040-C, any VW/Audi dealer 
should have 30 or 40 in stock.

Daniel Jones
(ex-dealer tech)

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Hi All...
 I am writing this on behalf of a friend who is not on the list.
 He has a 1992 100 CS that is in need of a Climate Control Head. The
numerals are virtually un readable. Are these serviceable? Or is there a
good source of rebuilds or used ones?
 Your usual help will be most appreciated
 Ron Husak
 83 UrQ
 98 A4tq