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Re: S6 Found

On Sat, 6 Nov 1999, Brett Dikeman wrote:

> Audis have some of the lowest theft numbers around according to 
> insurance companies...and if they thought they couldn't move it, they 

Wasn't it rather high before due to the fact that Audi had the fewest key
combinations out there?  I remember when I used to drive my 80 4k (fwd)
and with that key, I could unlock about 25% of the cars at the local Audi
dealer.  Mind you, 80's cars, not the newer cars with them fancy keys.
But still, it was interesting.  My key also worked on VWs as well.  I
could always get into my buddy's Scirocco with my 4k key, and into a Coupe
GT as well.  Funny, though, sometimes I could get in but not start them,
other times, my friend's VW key could open the door, and mine could start
it.  Ah, the good 'ol delinquent days!

> Caprice, Ford crown vic), and there was a camaro...Interestingly 
> enough was a Volvo 850 turbo mixed in.  2nd most powerful car in the 
> lineup, it also had all the 2nd-fastest times.  American good-old-boy 
> decision making decided that the Volvo wasn't good enough <snort>. 
> So, they buy crown vics all around, with a few special purpose 
> camaros for high-speed stuff...rather than 850T's all around.

Didn't BMW donate some 540i sedans to the Georgia (?) state troopers when
they built that new plant there several years ago?  I'd love to see
someone in a blown Camaro try and outrun _that_ cop car through the

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