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Re: S6 Found

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From: Brett Dikeman <brett@pdikeman.ne.mediaone.net>
> BTW, about the Volvo police cars, go to www.volvocars.com, click on
> special purpose vehicles, then police.  Click on a few of the links
> at the bottom of the toolbar; one of the pages shows a couple
> Canadian staties with a volvo or two, an ensemble of police cars in
> Sweeden, and a pair of Brits taking delivery of a Volvo(marked POLIS,
> which is sweedish for Police, so I think either the picture's caption
> is wrong, or Volvo messed up and painted it incorrectly, but I guess
> it gets the point across anyway.)

Guess I must be looking at a different page, the one I see has a RCMP behind
the lh door of his car, two Swedish cops with their car marked POLIS and
what looks like a full division of UK traffic cops with a fleet of cars,
mostly marked POLICE across the bonnet.

Jim Haseltine