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RE: broken door handle, how to get the door open

I think you need the door open to take off the screw that holds the handle
in place from the jamb edge of the door.  I don't think the screw that's
available after you pop off the chrome trim on the outside of the handle
releases the handle completely.  I think it's there just for a "snugness"
adjustment for the front of the handle.

Kneale Brownson

At 07:30 PM 11/6/99 -0600, Livolsi, Stephane wrote:
>I think if you remove the outside door handle, you should be able to use
>a wire or long needle nose pliers to reach in and move the actuating
>lever. I think.
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>>Subject: 	broken door handle, how to get the door open
>>Good Day,
>>    I am slowly getting the '87 5Ktq ready to drive again and I have a 
>>perplexing problem.  the RR door will not open.  It seems that something went
>>astray in the lock and the door is locked but the button is no longer 
>>connected.  How the %#@& can I get the door open.  Any BTDT out there?
>>Jim Hahn