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Re: URQ engine removal, Stuff to sell/giveaway

In message <0.be9f1726.25563129@aol.com> DGraber460@aol.com writes:

> Today I got the motor almost ready to drop out of my 83 URQ (replacement on
> the way). I looked in the Bentley to check a few details and noticed it gives
> a procedure for pulling the motor only out the top. Since I don't _need_ to
> pull the transmission, is there any reason (BTDT experience) why I shouldn't
> just pull the engine off the tranny and out the top? Anyone tried it?

Not on an 83.  Audi changed the design of the front transom (1985?)
so that the centre section unbolts - I think this was to allow the
procedure.  The Audi microfiche only mentions _dropping_ the engine
and transmission as a unit out of the bottom of the car.

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