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Re: S6 Found

"Mark L. Chang" <mchang@ece.nwu.edu> wrote:

>Wasn't it rather high before due to the fact that Audi had the fewest key
>combinations out there?  I remember when I used to drive my 80 4k (fwd)
>and with that key, I could unlock about 25% of the cars at the local Audi
>dealer.  Mind you, 80's cars, not the newer cars with them fancy keys.
>But still, it was interesting.  My key also worked on VWs as well.  I
>could always get into my buddy's Scirocco with my 4k key, and into a Coupe
>GT as well.  Funny, though, sometimes I could get in but not start them,
>other times, my friend's VW key could open the door, and mine could start
>it.  Ah, the good 'ol delinquent days!

Returning home from shopping one day in '93 (I think it was), I found a
case of beer on the passenger seat of my trusty old '80 Jetta. A friend who
owed me the beer passed by, found me gone and opened the door of my car
with the key of his '84 Passat. It only worked on the driver's door with
its worn-out lock.
I proceeded to have said friend help me replace the locks on my car with
fresh items- next time it'd be something taken out of the car instead of
put in.


 Tom Nas                                          Zeist, The Netherlands
 1987 Audi 90q 2.3E, Tizianrot metallic, 169,000km

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